WildsauSEO SEO Contest

SEO Day in Cologne’s RheinEnergie Stadium will take place again in 2019. And again this year, the organizers have launched a contest that calls SEOs all over Germany to bring out a very specific keyword. We are talking about the keyword Wildsauseo.

Deep in the forest, that’s where she lives: the wild sow. Male, scary and animal ruthless – those are the attributes that come to mind right away to Wildsauseo. Attributes that can be attributed to one or the other website optimization – at least from the point of view of the trained SEO-eye. If you look at so many “search engine optimized” website, it looks as if a wild sow had swept through the website. What remains is not at all a search engine optimized – just a Wildsauseo-worsened page.

Admittedly, the term Wildsauseo is less well-established in German usage than it currently appears. But that could change with the SEO Day 2019. Wildsauseo is the keyword to optimize a website for this year’s SEO Day Contest.

The most important thing about the Wildsauseo

We provide the answers to the most important questions about the SEO Day 2019 and the Wildsauseo Contest.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization to German: Search Engine Optimization , is a discipline of online marketing. It is about the “maintenance” of websites according to search engine criteria in order to be well placed in the organic search. For many companies, SEO is an important aspect of revenue and profit maximization.

What is SEO Day?

The SEO Day is the annual platform in Cologne for SEOs and SEO enthusiasts. He originated from the SEO-Stammtisch Cologne. This is where experts, but also newcomers to search engine optimization, meet. Lectures, Best Practices, Innovations in Search Engine Optimization.

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