Water Everywhere, Still Not Suitable To Drink

Water is the most important thing for the existence of living beings. Almost 70% of the earth includes water. It is used for a number of purposes like bathing, drinking, washing clothes, etc. It is used for many purposes but in the case of cooking and drinking it needs to be purified. The water sources are broadly classified into 2 categories: surface water and groundwater. Surface water refers to water which is in rivers, lakes, etc. Groundwater refers to the water under the land in non-porous rocks which can be extracted by tube wells and digging wells. About only 3% is available for the use of humans.

But in the case of drinking water, the water we consume must be purified so that it causes no harm to the precious life of humans. People now days are becoming more and more health-conscious and understand the fact that drinking warm water is preferable in comparison to cold water. Various benefits of warm water have been listed as follows:

  • Helps get rid of pains:

It purifies and guarantees a clean body every time. In case of stomach pains warm water is the magical drink and relives from various pains. The heat spreads all over the body and gives a soothing effect.

  • Helps losing weight:

Experts recommend warm water along with exercising in the morning. Also, people prefer to add honey to it in order to have enhanced effects. It helps to melt all those extra fats which people have gained while consuming junk food.

  • Gets rid of toxins:

This improves the digestive system by removing toxins not required from the body. In the case of constipation, doctors suggest drinking hot water daily morning. It helps in keeping the body hydrated.

  • Improves circulation of blood:

Drinking water also helps to improve blood circulation, maintaining proper demand and supply of blood to each and every place where it is needed.

  • Treats throat issues:

It helps to improve throat congestions and prevents from sore throat and cold and cough. Also helps ladies to get rid of menstrual pains in case of periods.

  • Prevents aging:

Lemon along with water helps the skin to glow a lot and prevents early aging signs. Accumulation of free radicals is a cause behind early aging. Drinking warm water helps us to get rid of them.

  • Improves digestive system:

Those people who have a slow rate of metabolism can improve this thing by consuming more and more water which helps to improve intestinal muscles.

  • Keeps hair good :

Warm water maintains the shine of healthy hair which helps to energize the scalp and activates present cells.

  • With honey:

In the case of losing weight warm water with honey helps to lose extra fats. Moreover, it boosts immunity and helps in muscle workouts.

  • With lemon:

Prevents infections as water with lemon acts as antibacterial agents and helps to maintain ph and acidity levels. Maintaining ph levels are very necessary for improving the effects of water we drink because a large number of people now a day’s suffer from acidity issues.

  • Basic water:

For this ph value is to be checked. Ph value of 7 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is alkaline. For this we have to create alkaline water which is of ph value more than 7. It helps in reducing acidity, getting stronger bones, losing weight, detoxification and reducing the risk of heart diseases. The testing is done with the help of litmus paper, ph strips and a color chart. This can be made at home by using baking soda and lemons. Alkaline water with ph value of 8 or more is considered absolutely safe for consumption purposes.

  • Using RO:

Another process for purifying water and making it fit for consumption is reverse osmosis at home. For this equipment called purifiers are used for purifying water. This is the most successful technique adopted by people in various nations. But various people claim that using water purifiers are harmful to health as it removes essential minerals from water. They claim that RO not only removes harmful substances like microorganisms but also removes essential minerals like calcium and magnesium from it. The fact is that the size of molecules is bigger than water molecule so RO only passes water through it. So due to this reason, RO is not considered good for the health of the general public.

  • Reduces alkaline level:

Many gases like carbon dioxide remain in the water when it passed through a membrane which combines with hydrogen ions and forms acidic hydrogen which leads to failure in removing impurities from water. As a result, it becomes acidic and causes various issues to people. The higher the amount of carbon dioxide the higher will be the acids in the body.

Drinking such water for long time periods leads to cardiovascular diseases, various pregnancy disorders and various types of cancers. Recent studies show that lower calcium levels can lead to bone fractures in children, premature birth and lower weight at the time of birth.

But stopping the usage of RO water is not the solution to this problem, because till date there is no technology as good as if compared to RO. The solution is to overcome the problems associated with RO with the adoption of proper measures and proper technological methods. What is required is a technology that adds back the minerals lost during the whole process. One measure is to add an additional cartridge to the RO with the help of a professional. This will help to add back the minerals lost and thereby also maintaining the ph levels. In case of considering a new purchase consider a purifier with an already installed capacity of a cartridge which helps to add back the minerals to the waterside by side maintaining its purity. Further various foods like vegetables, seafood, and fruits are rich in minerals and help to cover up the deficiency caused in case any occurs.

Thus, drinking water purifiers for home are one of the safest equipment, people use to purify water. Further, they are available at such an affordable cost without any worry of the health of anyone in the family and provide complete peace of mind for the purity of water.

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