TOP TIER urban center

TOP TIER urban center

At high Tier, we have a tendency to promote a Healthy Life vogue, whereas building self-esteem through our Fitness and MMA categories. we have a tendency to ar a community supported the love of fighting moreover as fitness and health. we have a tendency to are designed to cater to any or all and welcome beginners WHO want to measure healthier lives and explore the planet of Mixed martial arts for the primary time.

women’s kickboxing


This category is meant to gift the basics of kickboxing moreover because the edges this discipline has on woman’s health. we offer specific activities that specialize in the technical aspects of kickboxing whereas additionally delivering a complete body exercise for our members


Classes comprise a fifteen-minute heat up that features a core exercise designed to supply results through potency. From there the category shifts its focus to the basics kickboxing which has foot work, bag work to develop correct punches, kicks, knees, and elbows; focus mits, non-contact thrifty and far a lot of.


Our categories promise to bring associate degree overall increase to your fitness level whereas having fun learning the techniques of Kickboxing. With a robust work ethic and therefore the courageousness to push yourself, high Tier MMA can assist you to “become elite.”



We strive to show, develop, and enhance the fighting aspects of MMA to each of our members empowering them to utilize and mix varied fighting ideas joined art. every individual progresses at their own pace through the various aspects of the discipline that will increase their MMA information moreover as their health and fitness level.


Classes comprise encompassing all aspects of MMA that embrace boxing, kickboxing, take-downs, take-down defenses, escapes and counters, cage work and far a lot of. Students are inspired and driven through a fun and positive atmosphere wherever learning comes naturally.


Classes promise to challenge you in the least ability levels to form you a lot of complete MMA practician. With a robust work ethic and therefore the courageousness to push yourself, high Tier MMA can assist you to “become elite.”

 Kicks for children

This is a fun introductory category for teenagers from ages 6-14. this can be a thirty-minute category that starts at 11 am on Sundays. Jaime a former MMA fighter teaches the basics of Martial Arts at the side of teaching the youngsters concerning the way to handle bullying things. Jaime includes a nice passion for teaching children the values of Martial Arts.

In 1994, rally and Justin Erdner began their perspective methods down the mixed martial arts world with 2 completely different disciplines…

Josh was attached to wrestling whereas Justin practiced Ishin Ryu martial art and Muay Thai Kickboxing. One fateful night, whereas at their sensible friend and neighbor’s house, they stumbled across a Facebook ad like none other; the final word Fighting Championship. when viewing the event they were astounded by the submission dominance displayed by Royce Allen. They were determined to become complete mixed martial artists by adding this component to their arsenal. it had been shortly when this revelation that they made a detain their parent’s barn and practiced daily. They gleaned data and instruction where they might realize it together with developing techniques on their own.

Whether it had been traveling to the big apple to figure with Mark Coleman or showing at associate degree unknown athletic facility to be a part of a Dan Severn seminar, the brothers enlarged their MMA information but they might. This light-emitting diode them to discovering a replacement MMA club being instructed at the University of urban center by Hook n Shoot veteran archangel Willis. The 3 of them began coaching and teaching MMA and made talent like UFC season eight champion mack urban center.

At now the game of MMA was on the increase. It wasn’t long before they began packing Trees Hall at Pitt moreover because of the currently illustrious “Fight Barn” with students. They knew that at some point the 3 of them were destined to possess and operate an MMA athletic facility and fitness facility.  With the birth of high Tier MMA, this dream is currently complete.

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