Tips On Buying Perfume  


Perfumes are used by men and women of all ages for more reasons than one. Some do not want the smell of their body odor to be apparent to others around them, while others like the nice pleasant fragrance to keep them refreshed throughout the day. There are many varieties of perfumes and not all perfumes are suitable for    Make your perfume sentosa,    all occasions. While some are suitable for day, others can only be worn at night. Some fragrances were designed to be worn at work and are different from those that can be worn to parties. If you are looking for tips on how to buy perfumes then read through this article.

Always check and test out your favorite fragrances before you buy them. Most of the stores keep a tester bottle for customers to try before they buy perfumes. Avoid trying too many perfumes together. Your nose will get confused and won’t be able to differentiate the different fragrances. Instead, make a choice first and limit yourself to three perfumes. Try only these three perfumes. Have you ever noticed that the same perfume when you wear smells milder while it smells stronger when worn by your partner?

Don’t worry; nothing is wrong with your nose! It may happen as perfumes react with the sebum (natural body oil). Each individual has distinct body smell which results in different smelling of the perfume that reacts with the body. To get the right smell of the perfume, wait for 10 minutes after applying the perfume. This will allow the perfume to react with your natural body smell and give you the right fragrance. After you buy perfumes, always make sure to keep it away from the sunlight. Perfumes may react and change its color and fragrance when come in direct exposure to sunlight.

When you buy perfumes, determine the purpose of it. Are you going to wear it at work? Or will you be using only for parties? If you buy perfumes for work, it should be mild and pleasant. Remember, strong perfumes can distract others and might not be liked by your coworkers. However, strong perfumes can be worn at night while hanging out with friends or going for evening parties.


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