the lyrics on Nicki Minaj’s

Nicki Minaj has consistently been somewhat forefront when it came to tune titles. Keep in mind when she dropped Truffle Butter the attractive joint effort with Lil’ Wayne and Drake and that title sounds like something you may arrange on a sentimental night out in a costly eatery. Better believe it aside from it thoroughly isn’t that. All things considered Minaj lyrics  shock discharged her new collection Queen on Friday and pretty much every track has an alternate motivation to have everybody talking. Take, for instance Barbie Dreams in which she melodiously strikes male rappers left right and focus.

Drake –

Drake worth a hundred milli continually getting me poop But I don’t have the foggiest idea if the pussy wet or if he’s crying and crap

Compliant Mill –

Mild still be in my DMs I be dodging him ‘I used to appeal to God for circumstances such as this Face ass when I screw him

Eminem –

Em cop the Barbie dream house then you can fill the role I ain’t tryin’ to bust it open in a trailer park

DJ Khaled –

Needed to drop DJ Khaled kid we ain’t speaking ain’t any fat nigga disclosing to me what he ain’t eating

50 Cent –

I attempted to screw 50 for an incredible hour however all that nigga need to do is discussion Power for a considerable length of time

Desiigner –

I recall when I used to really like Special Ed Shootout  Desiigner because he made it out of a custom curriculum

Lil Uzi Vert –

Man Uzi is my infant  he ain’t takin’ a L But he took it truly when I said  take a hike

Youthful Thug –

Used to fuck with Young Thug  I ain’t tending to this crap I got him in my changing areas taking dresses and poo

YG/The Game –

YG and the Game with the mallet shouting pack group This ain’t what I implied when I said a posse blast

Wow.  Furthermore, that isn’t the tune that has everybody attempting to decode its importance. No  that respect goes to  LLC with the Nicki singing on the theme. I just took her name and made the bitch a LLC/Stuff two or three piles up in  at that point bitch stand up You make twice to such an extent in the event that you change things up  just to see To you he’s rich and acclaimed  however he’s only a person to me. In case you’re pondering what LLC implies  we’re almost certain that Nicki has gone Beyonce-in- Apeshit, and is discussing ladies profiting for themselves without the assistance of rich men as she is proclaiming herself as one-lady Limited Liability Company  while additionally taking shots at other female rappers who have made their professions just by announcing themselves as Nicki’s opposition.

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