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A while back I required counting the number of letters that a bit of text in an associate degree email template had (to avoid passing any character limits). Sadly, I couldn’t consider a fast thanks to doing therefore on my MacBook and that I so turned to the net.

There were a few tools out there, however, none of them met my standards and since I’m an internet designer I thought: why not fuck myself and facilitate others on the way? Here is that the result, hope it helps out!

What Is This?

Character Count online could be a free online character and word reckoning tool.

All results square measure right away shown and it’s preposterously simple to use and in fact, the service is totally free.

How Is It Used?

You can copy and paste your text with the characters to count within the text space on top of; otherwise, you will find your characters and words into the text space. The counter is updated instantly, displaying the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and whitespace in your text, to not mention that the keyword density (which you’ll be able to tack together from the choices menu) is additionally displayed.

Character Counter could be a 100 percent free online character count calculator that is easy to use. Generally, users like simplicity over all of the careful writing info Word Counter provides, and this can be precisely what this tool offers. It displays character count and word count that is commonly the sole info an individual must comprehend their writing. Better of all, you receive the required info at lightning-quick speed.

To find out the word and character count of your writing, merely copy and paste the text into the tool or write directly into the text space. Once done, the free online tool can show each count for the text that is been inserted. This could be helpful in several Instances, however, it will be particularly useful once you square measure writing for one thing that incorporates a character minimum or limit.

Character and word limits square measure quite common currently on the net. The one that almost all folks square measure doubtless alert to is that the one hundred forty character limit for tweets on Twitter, however, character limits are not restricted to Twitter. There square measure limits for text messages (SMS), Yelp reviews, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, Reddit titles and comments, eBay titles and descriptions likewise as several others. Knowing these limits, likewise as having the ability to visualize as you approach them, can modify you to raised categorical yourself inside the obligatory limits.

For students, there square measure sometimes limits or minimums for school assignment assignments. Constant is commonly true for school applications. Permanent by these will have a significant impact on however this writing is hierarchal and reviewed, and it shows whether or not or not you are able to follow basic directions. Character counter will ensure you do not accidentally reassess limits or fail to fulfill minimums that may be prejudicious to those assignments.

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