How Do You Choose a Podcasting Microphone?

How Do You Choose a Podcasting Microphone?

Your personal computer or mobile device’s built-in mic may be good enough if you are not overly worried about sound quality. But most built-in mics are extremely low-fi and will pick up plenty of ambient room noise. Remember, when you set it can be tricky to eliminate that space seem later, so much better to get good sound up front. A much better alternative is an external microphone you could plug into your pc or mobile device. It will offer better audio quality like Audio Equipment Supplier Dubai provide and may be set to pick up only the sounds that you would like to catch.

Assess the polar pattern, also referred to as a pickup pattern, of this microphone you are thinking about. Consider the direction(s) where your new micmust”hear” sound and the distance you’re going to be recording .

If you will be the only voice in your podcasts, then a unidirectional mic using a cardioid, supercardioid or hypercardioid pickup pattern will probably do the job well. If you are going to be recording numerous speakers or performers, you may keep things simple with just one omnidirectional mic if a recording area allows it.

The Best Dynamic Microphones for Podcasting

If you’re planning on using an iOS audio port or a cable adapter that could handle a standard mic input, there is no need to restrict the dynamic mic models you believe to those using digital-friendly connectors. Respected dynamic microphone models such as the Shure SM58S and also the Electro-Voice RE 20 (a different radio popular ) have internal shock mounts to bargain with handling sound and vibrations. And their exceptional sound catch features will serve you well beyond podcasting.

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