Chattanooga dismisses 3 players from football team

Chattanooga dismisses 3 players from football team

It can be said that in their duels it is in vain to look for an attractive ball, that they are consistent and painfully effective, and at the same time terribly boring, but Arsenal must now head intensely, as if by storm, take a Monaco stronghold. Behind the hosts are not only the statistics –

during the 60-year competition in the Cup / Champions League, only one club, Ajaks in 1969, managed to make up the double-frame home loss from the first meeting. Borers from Monaco do not just lose goals. This season, because they gave them only once more than two – August 17 of last year they lost 1-4 with Girondins Bordeaux.

The fans who got excited about this turnover could feel cheated. They protested and demanded a refund for shirts and tickets, which prices ranged from a few hundred to well over a thousand euros. 96% of supporters said then that they no longer believe in a club project. For the authorities, however, this was not the biggest worry, because the fans have always had trouble there.

They never came to the stadium in large numbers, even when ArsèneWenger led them to the championship titles when Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet performed in it, or when they fought in the Champions League final. Monaco is not an eagerly watched team – the average attendance at its stadium was usually 8-9 thousand – and probably the only one on the planet, which could boast of a much larger audience in the outgoing meetings.

But otherwise it could not be in the team from a small, nearly 40 thousand Principality, living its own, peaceful and unhurried rhythm, where every third man is a millionaire and in which there is little room for football.

This is not a country for rich clubs

Not only the poor revenues from the match day, but the lack of interest from potential sponsors, became a problem. At the door of Monaco, a rather unrecognizable club in the world, a brand of poor reputation outside the borders of the country, investors did not even knock when the team got loud after the transfer fever of the summer of 2013. And so the circle closed. The club, deprived of additional income, was not able to meet the requirements of Financial Fair Play, hence during the next window it looked like a store selling its most valuable goods.For best services you can visit just goto UFABET.

Another blow came from the other French teams. The competition, which was subsidized by a 75% tax for the wealthiest, those earning at least a million euros per year – it was because of him that he escaped from the country and assumed Russian citizenship actor Gerard Depardieu – while Monaco could rave and cash in cash without draining any eurocent.

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