5 Best Secrets of a High Converting Sales Page

If you are making business online you should pay attention to have a high converting sales page. Although you think a page’s conversion rate is totally unpredictable, you have salepage influence on it. What is the conversion rate exactly? In online marketing conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take the desired actions on the website. Desired action can be purchasing of products, clicking on ads or going to affiliate pages. If you manage to increase the conversion rate of your sales page with one percent, it is a good result in your pocket. That’s why you need a high converting sales template. Perfect secrets to create a high converting sales page:

  1. Well designed headers, which fit for the nicheHeadline and headers are very important parts of a high converting sales template, because it helps to grab your visitors’ attention. You should choose an attractive header design with catchy headline. Nowadays, if the headline starts with the words ‘top 10’, ‘the secrets of’ or ‘most popular’, you have higher chance of catching the visitor’s attention. Remember, you have only 3-5 seconds to convince the visitors to stay on your page.
  2. Never use serif fontsGraphical headline and the whole text with special fonts are absolutely important when speaking about a high converting sales page. Always use easy to read fonts, like Arial, Tahoma or Verdana and watch out for the size of the font as well. The best choice is between 12-14px, this size is neither too big nor too small to read comfortably.
  3. Detailed description of products and listingYou should explain to the visitors why your product is useful and how it can solve a problem that they might have. A high converting sales template explains the product or service to be sold in a well written, precise text format. Put a bulleted list after this part of the sales page with positive and negative bullet points to make it easier to understand.
  4. Almost every high converting sales page have testimonials on itNowadays one of the best places for advertising your page or collect visitors to your site is social media. Every customer believes others who are satisfied with the product more, than business owners’ opinion from their own point of view. Customers’ testimonials with their endorsements are powerful part of the high converting sales page.
  5. Limited time offerOne of the best tactics to create a high converting sales page is limited offer. You mention on your page that you have left only a few pieces of the product. You are able to increase the interest with decreasing price for a short period. Nobody knows why, but if the price ends with 5 or 9 after the decimal point, it increases the conversion rate. You can measure the difference between sales pages that are using these elements and those that are not.


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